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Straight modular stem

The KORUS system was created with the aim to provide the surgeon with complete and reliable solutions for an increasingly personalized surgery. The system includes: KORUS, two uncemented models with CCD 135° and 125° angles, Cemented KORUS, also available with a distal centralizer and Modular KORUS, provided with 14 interchangeable necks.

Modular necks
–          14 interchangeable necks to meet the patients’ real needs.
–          Two modular neck lengths available.
–          Standard version, 8° or 15° varus-valgus, 8° or 14° anteverted/ retroverted, and four combined models.
–          Reduced neck geometry.


Necks: cobalt chrome alloy (ISO 5832-12).
Stem: titanium alloy TI 6Al 4V (ISO 5832-3).
Finishing: 150 μm HA OSPROVIT coating.

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KORUS-IP-000 REV 03 2017
KORUS-OT-000 REV 00 2018

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