K-MOD Skinny femoral components are designed to be implanted when the AP dimesion is appropriate, but coverage on ML plan is excessive.

Skinny components, also known as «Narrow», are characterized by a lower coverage on ML plan, for this reason they address mainly female patients and therefore were designed from measures 2, 3 and 4 which, in the Skinny version, become: 2-, 3-, 4-.

  • Dimension in AP equal to the reference size;
  • Dimension in ML equal to that of one size smaller, equivalent to a symmetrical reduction of about 2mm on both sides;
  • Congruence: equal to the reference size, as reported by the color code on the package.


Skinny Femur AP Coverage ML Coverage 4in1 cut block Trial femur  PE Insert
2- Fem 2 Fem 1 Mis 2 Fem 2 Mis 2
3- Fem 3 Fem 2 Mis 3 Fem 3 Mis 3
4- Fem 4 Fem 3 Mis 4 Fem 4 Mis 4

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