Modular Rotatory Shoulder Endoprosthesis

• Modular components
• High biocompatibility
• Free rotational movements
• Controlled longitudinal excursion

The MRS prosthesis was developed through close collaboration with the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna.  This modular-rotatory shoulder endoprosthesis represents an advanced solution, since it makes a wide, varied and complete range of combinations within different dimensional characteristics all at the surgeon’s disposal. M.R.S. system allows the component choice to be placed directly on the surgical field. In some cases it is necessary to remove the proximal part of the prosthesis, leaving inside the endomedullary implanted stem. This is especially useful in children when several operations are necessary in order to follow their natural growth process.

Some special features, that makes MRS endoprosthesis a universally well-known product, are:

– The 1 cm AXIAL CLEARANCE between the spherical head and the ceramic coated spacer. It enables a controlled adaptation of the prosthesis length.
-The freedom of head ROTATION MOVEMENTS in respect to the spacer. Very low friction at the head-spacer level facilitates the rotational movements and protects the stem /cement /bone interface from abnormal rotation or traction stresses.


  • Titanium Ti-6AI-4V ELI ISO 5832/3
  • Polyethylene UHMW – medical grade ASTMF648 and BS7253 PART V TYPE II

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MRS-IP-000 REV 01 2017

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