Clos Humerus

Intramedullary locked nail

– Compression of the fracture site
– Surgical approach antegrade and retrograde
– Implant versatility

The humerus locked intramedullary nail CLOS has been designed to allow assemblies by inserting the nail via antegrade and retrograde. It is made of a cannulated stem with distal and proximal holes on the anteroposterior and lateral planes, which is required to house the screw for the locking.

– As for all the CLOS nail, a system of compression has been placed by means of a screw, which besides protecting the proximal nail thread, pushes on the proximal screw and consequently compresses the fracture site
– The nail’s distal point having a lanceolate shape allows to slide on the cortical without damaging it
– A very accurate specially-designed instrument to centre the distal holes and to insert the nail via retrograde

Stainless steel AISI 316 L remelted under vacuum in compliance with the specifications ASTM F318 grade 2, which material has excellent metallurgical, mechanic and anticorrosive properties.

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Clos Humerus
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