AM technology allows the creation of three-dimensional and customized geometry, that are adaptable to the patient’s geometry; it offers, in fact, the freedom to develop and product customized trabecular structure, varying the parameters of:

  • Pore ​​geometry;
  • Dimension;
  • Thickness;
  • Roughness.

Personalized implants and instruments 

The custom made device is produced with AM technology, using titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V – ELI) with a chemical composition in accordance with ASTM F3001 and is fully compatible with the standard orthopedic devices of Gruppo Bioimpianti.


Custom made implants are indicated for patients suffering from problems, such as: Significant loss of the bone component; Infections; Previous prosthetic implant failures; Cancer patients; Trauma; Major deformations; Particular anatomies.

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