Gruppo Bioimpianti is an Italian company that designs, manufactures and markets orthopaedic surgical devices for patients suffering from trauma or articular or tumoral degenerative pathologies. For over 25 years and in over 40 countries, we have been putting our know-how into practice to develop and continuously improve our products, manufacturing processes and customer relations.

We control the entire production cycle, from design to manufacturing (with state of the art machinery), from marketing to after-sales service. Our technological choices and vast experience ensure we can continue to design and make some of the finest products on the market, products meeting the most demanding international standards. Quality control in production, highly trained personnel and close collaboration with and assistance for our clients are just some of the characteristics that enable us to call our production “exemplary”.

Our mission reflects the philosophy that’s guided us since the very beginning: to give physicians the best product and the best solution for their patients, to promote quality and create value for people.


Customer Service
Commercial International Sales Dept.
Commercial Sales Dept.

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