Non-surgical therapies

Therapy for coxarthroosis depends on the seriousness of the symptoms and the degree of cartilage degeneration.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs serve to alleviate symptoms in the initial phases of the disease. However, the side effects they may cause make them unsuitable for prolonged use.

Day to day habits like physical exercise (preferably with the limb unloaded, like cyclettes, swimming and water gymnastics) make it possible to maintain good muscle tone and retard the arthritic process. Overweight patients must lose weight, both to reduce overloading of the joint (and thereby slow down cartilage degeneration) and in view of arthroprosthesis surgery, to reduce possible complications and accelerate post-operative la physiotherapy.
Viscosupplementation is an infiltration therapy using hyaluronic acid to alleviate the symptoms and slow down the development of the disease. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the synovial liquid, which is present in all the joints and provides local anabolic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

Hyaluronic acid is a large molecule whose physical characteristics of viscosity and elasticity produce the lubricant and shock absorbing effects of the synovial liquid.

In joints affected by osteoarthrosis the synovial liquid is more diluted and less viscous than in healthy joints because its hyaluronic acid is in lower concentrations. This means the cartilage is more exposed to wear.

Viscosupplementation re-establishes and supplements normal levels of hyaluronic acid in the synovial liquid and exploits the molecule’s lubricating, protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Another function of the molecule once introduced in the joint is that of re-activating synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid by the arthritic joint under treatment.

Viscosupplementation is only indicated in the initial phases of the disease, when cartilage degeneration is only partial.

Radiofrequency neurolysis is a pain therapy that desensitizes nerves in the articular capsule to interrupt transmission of pain. It is indicated exclusively for patients who cannot be treated surgically.

Physical therapies, such as come TENS, laser therapy and ultrasound therapy are rarely effective.

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