S-Taper Mirror

Endoprosthetic system for the trochanteric region of the old patient

-Modular system with distal centralizer
-Mirror surface finishing
-Long stem with wedge for lateral fractures
– Conical antero-posterior and lateral shape, which guarantees anchorage not only in the proximal or distal part of the femur but in all the entire housing.
– Proportional sizing of the stem: as its size increaser, so too that of the neck, lenght and thickness.
– The tapered distal end of the stem, enabling it to be inserted in the cement.
– Mirror finished surface.
– 8 different stem lengths.
– Deformable distal centralizer (one size only: 17mm) made of PMMA.
– Cervical-diaphyseal angle of 131°.
– Compliance with European standards, having a standard 12/14 morse taper and angle of 5°42’30” (with CERAMTEC approval). 

Long version
The long version meet the need of today’s surgeons for an alternative to using a synthesis system (nail or screw-plate) for lateral fractures of the femur in fourth-age patients. Wedges area added to the stem to restore correct hip biomechanics.

– 3 sizes, with fixed lengths of 170 mm and 190 mm
– The possibility of sliding in wedges resting on the calcar in the case of lateral fractures of the femur neck.
– 8 wedges sizes, with heights of 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 mm


AISI 5832/9 high nitrogen content stainless steel.

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S-taper Mirror OT

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