Uncemented straight stem with stabilizer fin

The Fin stem was designed to provide the surgeon with a system that combines ease of insertion with effective anchoring. Improved and enhanced over the years to achieve the best performance ever, today, after more than 20 years of follow-up the FIN stem is a prooved valuable ally in the treatment of hip disorders. The Fin stem family includes cemented and uncemented design and the short stem model FIN SHORT.

Proximal design
– Dorsal fin ensuring rotational stability.
– Wedge shape, with the longest side towards the trochanter, allowing press-fitting of the stem
– Small support collar on the calcar to ensure axial stability and prevent re-absorption
-Longitudinal normalization lines specially designed for physiological distribution of all forces

Central design
– The middle part is appropriately sized to allow a gradual reduction of stresses transferred to the bone from the proximal to the distal zone

Distal design
-The tapered distal part prevents any contact between the stem and the cortical walls thus avoiding distal interposition of fibrous matter


-The prosthesis is made of titanium with a low elasticity modulus (can tolerate temporary deformation under stress) to encourage balanced load distribution over all the surrounding areas. No concentrated forces are applied to any particular area or element, as in a healthy, unbroken femur.

Coating: The Y 370 VPS porous titanium coating permits mechanical anchorage between
the prosthesis and the bone without the interposition of fibrous tissue.
To encourage bone ingrowth the proximal part of the FIN stem is coated with oxide-free, 99.4% pure titanium (Eurocoating® Y 370 VPS) using a vacuum plasma spray technique.

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FIN Stem

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