Fin Short

Short straight stem

Introduced in 1992, the FIN stem was designed to provide surgeons with an implant that combines easy insertion with effective anchoring. Based on the clinical results achieved, the FIN stem has proved to be a valuable ally in the treatment of hip disorders.
Today the FIN stem continues to evolve with the addition of a new design: the FIN SHORT stem.
FIN SHORT is a short straight stem, based on the FIN stem design and reshaped to meet the needs of minimally invasive surgery.

Proximal design

  • Press-fit proximal design: ensures good proximal metaphyseal filling

Central design

  • The middle part of te stem is appropriately sized to allow a gradual reduction of stresses transferred to the bone from the proximal to the distal zone

Distal design 

  • The tapered distal section prevents any contact between the stem and the cortical


  • Manufactured in Ti6Al4V grade 5 ELI
  • Proximal coating is made of porous titanium Ti-Growth-C®
      • High roughness 300-600 μm
      • Porosity: 30-70%
      • Thickness: 500 μm
  • Distal section: Glass Bead Blasting


  • 135°
  • 125°

Neck’s length remains constant in all sizes

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