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Metaphyseal Press- cementless straight Fit stem

The PCL is a straight stem designed for easy insertion thanks to lateral curvature and a thin, distal end. Effective anchorage is ensured by longitudinal ribbing (with rounded edges to prevent osteolysis at bone contact points) and its proximal trapezoidal geometry.

–           CCD 132° angle
–           Pure titanium coating
–           Trapezoidal section

Proximal Design
–           Optimum metaphyseal (trapezoidal profile for maximum filling)
–           Longitudinal anti-rotation ribbing
–           Medial geometrical relief required for compression of the cancellous to ensure physiological valgoid positioning of the stem during implant

Distal Design
–           Tapered stem to prevent contact with the cortical walls and formation of bone bridges.


-Titanium with a low elasticity modulus (can tolerate temporary deformation under stress) to encourage balanced load distribution over the surrounding areas. No concentrated forces are applied to any particular
area or element, as in a healthy, unbroken femur.
– Proximal part:  Porous Ti-Pore 300 coating in the proximal area to encourage bone ingrowth.
– Distal part: Sezione distale: reduced porosity achieved by means of glass bead surface treatment.

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PCL Stem

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