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Dual Mobility Cup

The concept of DUAL MOBILITY (head-insert and insert-cup) is a tried and tested means of reducing the risk of dislocation and consequent treatment. The principle is that of combining a high stability of the joint afforded by a large diameter polyethylene insert and reduction of shear forces thanks to the “low-friction” of the head-insert coupling.
The “Dualis” acetabular cup makes it possible to combine dual mobility with press-fit fixation.

Metal component

Uncemented DUALIS:

  • Hemispherical, to allow global contact between the component and the bone acetabulum;
  • Mirror finishing on the inside to avoid excessive wear of the polyethylene;
  • Spherical shape cranially elongated to avoid dislocation;
  • Anatomic aperture in the caudal section to avoid conflict with the neck of the stem.

Cemented DUALIS:

  • Longitudinal grooves that facilitate proper distribution of cement for an optimum anchoring.


Uncemented Dualis: high nitrogen content steel to ISO 5832-9. Double TiSPS+ HA OSPROVIT plasma coating for Greater secondary stability

Cemented Dualis: high nitrogen content steel to ISO 5832-9.

Polyethylene Component

  • Available for 28 mm heads;

  • Minimum thickness: 6 mm:

  • Retentive, to avoid head-insert dislocation.


Insert is made of high cross-linked polyethylene (HXLPE – High Cross Linked Polyethylene) according to ISO 5834-2.

Offset impactor

Offset impactor to allow the controlled positioning and impaction of cemented and uncemented dualis, with the anterior approach.

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