Fin DMD Multihole

Gruppo Bioimpianti adopts the innovative EBM technology in its new Fin DMD Multihole revision cup.

EBM technology is characterized by a lattice structure that replicates that of a Diamond. The size and morphology of the cells provide and ideal habitat for the osteoconduction process, thus accelerating osseointegration.

The Fin system, equipped with a wide range of wedges, allows the surgeon to deal with most hip arthroplasties and acetabular revision cases.

Technical details:

  • Sizes: from 46 to 62, and upon request 64 to 72;
  • Liners: the compatible liners are the same as the FIN CUP system’s (XLPE, VE-XLPE );
  • Holes: plugs provided only for the 3 holes FIN DMD CUP;
  • Material: the cup is made of Titanium Ti6Al4V;
  • EBM Technology ( Electron Beam Melting)

Download the PDF:
FINSYSTEM-OT-000 REV 00 2018

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