K-MOD is the new total primary knee system characterized by the modularity of its components. A system designed to minimize complications such as wear, instability and the risk of patellar dislocation.

Complete Modular System 

Thanks to the range of options created to accommodate surgeons’ differing approaches.

  • Fixed-bearing and mobile bearing models
  • Cemented and uncemented implants
  • Anallergic coatings


  • The tibial component is designed to accommodate tibial stems when further stabilization is needed;
  • Anatomical corrispondence thanks to the shape optimization of the femoral component:
    • improves knee flexion
    • allows more natural kinematics
    • promotes physiological rollback.
  • The interface between the polyethylene insert and the tibial component is mirror-polished to reduce insert wear.
  • The anterior inclination of the femoral component aids bone cement (PMMA) compression, thereby facilitating the prosthesis implant and reducing notching.
  • Skinny Femur: also known as «Narrow», are characterized by a lower coverage on ML plan, for this reason they address mainly female patients and therefore were designed from measures 2, 3 and 4 which, in the Skinny version, become: 2-, 3-, 4-.

Fixed bearing K-MOD

  • K-MOD Dynamic Congruence
  • K-MOD Ultra-Congruent
  • K-MOD Cruciate Retaining
  • K-MOD PS Fixed

Available Cemented, Uncemented, Anallergy

Mobile bearing K-MOD

  • K-MOD Ultra-Congruent
  • K-MOD PS Mobile

Available Cemented, uncemented and Anallergy

Anallergy coating 

Titanium-niobium nitride coating (TiNbN).
A PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating isolates the cobalt-chrome substrate, preventing the release of ions and allergic reactions

Uncemented coating 

Ti-Growth-C® titanium plasma spray coating and HA.
The bi-metal design makes it possible to maintain the cobalt-chrome mechanical guarantees and at the same time make use of the properties of titanium, which
stimulates osseointegration thanks to its high porosity.

TOUCH instrumentation allows the use of PERSEUS, the intelligent cutting guide, powered by gyro sensors, that allows surgeon to perform perfectly aligned resections.

Watch the video of the surgical technique.

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