Intramedullary locked nail for femur, dynamic

  • Dynamism
  • Implant versatility
  • Reduced proximal diameter

The “MB” CLOS nail is an innovative synthesis system because in addition to preventing bending and torsion, which other intramedullary nails on the market are subject to, it also enables either static or dynamic assembly, depending on the type of fracture involved. The “MB” CLOS is a modular locked nail for both static and dynamic assemblies. It’s made up of a cannulated and anatomical cylindrical stem with proximal holes for proximal locking and a hole and a slot for distal docking. The “MB” CLOS can improve and extend the range of applications for conventional intramedullary nails. It is particularly suitable for complex fractures and for morphologically small femurs.

AISI 316L stainless steel remelted to ASTM F138 grade 2 standard. It thus has excellent metallurgical, mechanical and anti-corrosion properties.

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