Fin Cups System

The FIN II cup was designed in 1992 to offer a highly versatile solution with a wide choice of inserts and heads. The range has been enriched over the years to meet the specific needs of the surgeon.

The system has grown and now includes 4 cups with specific features and indications. These cups are compatible with the system’s inserts and share the same surgical procedure and instrument kit.


Uncemented primary cup, made of Titanium Ti6Al4V ELI (ASTM F3001) by Additive Manufacturing.

The cup is characterized by a lattice structure that replicates that of a diamond. The size and morphology of the cells provide an ideal habitat for the osteoconduction process, thus accelerating osseintegration.

FIN DMD Multiforo REV

Uncemented revision cup made of Titanium Ti6Al4V ELI (F3001) by Additive Manufacturing, the FIN DMD MULTIHOLE CUP features holes for using cancellous screws (10 holes in sizes 46, 48 and 50 and 12 holes in sizes from 52 to 72).

The cup is equipped with a wide range of wedges allowing the surgeon to deal with most acetabular revision cases, even in the presence of cavitary and segmental bone defects.

Acetabular Wedges

The acetabular wedge system for the FIN DMD cup was designed to meet various acetabular deficits whilst retaining the existing acetabular bone.

Different thicknesses (15, 20 and 25mm) enable surgeons to personalize the making up of the bone deficit to patients’ differing needs and restore the working of the joint.


The FIN II cup features three peripheral fins to improve primary stability and to prevent rotation and three holes in the proximal zone to allow for placement of 6.5mm screws in various lengths, with axial deviation up to 15 degrees.

Uncemented cup made of Ti6Al4V grade 5 ELI (ISO 5832-3), with a with titanium Plasma Spray external coating.


Uncemented cup in Ti6Al4V grade 5 ELI (ISO 5832-3), with a Titanium Y 367 external coating.

The FIN MB cup features the same morphological characteristics as the FIN II cup except for the three cranial fins. Primary and secondary stability, however, is maintained by the cup’s geometry and porous coating.


The concept of double mobility with FIN CUPS SYSTEM, indicated for patients with high risk of dislocation or in case of revision of the insert in a well osseintegrated cup, consists in the use of a highly polished Cobalt Chromium Alloy (CrCO) insert, that articulates with a big polyethylene mobile insert (XLPE – High Cross Linked Polyethylene or XLPE+Vit E).
28mm or 22.2mm femoral heads articulate with the polyethylene mobile insert, to create the second articulation.

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